COMMENTARY: Walk before you run with Peanut Line

South Glengarry has owned the Peanut Line, a 31 kilometer recreational trail through the municipality between Cornwall and Quebec, for 12 years now. The township has put the bare minimum into upkeep on the trail to a point where Mayor Frank Prevost said he was “very disappointed and was kind of disgusted” with the state of the Peanut Line during a November budget meeting.

One would logically think you would put money into fixing it up. But now there’s a plan to burn $40,000 of taxpayer money to hire a consultant and come up with a grandiose holistic trail plan to turn the trail into a tourist destination and to figure out exactly what to do with the trail.

With people under a pandemic looking for outdoor opportunities, it will be sought out now more than ever before. The last thing the Peanut Line needs right now is marketing – it needs upkeep.

The township should really walk before it runs. While Coun. Sam McDonell’s suggestion was somewhat crude, he’s got a point where the $40,000 should really go into brushing and base work for the trail. South Glengarry should concentrate more on the foundation before building a “house” of tourism opportunities.

I’m Bill Kingston.