Letter to the Editor: Time to change the Cornwall flag

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

It is not time to get with the times?

Our city keeps trying to re-invent itself. God only knows when the city flag was first introduced and flying proudly for so many years.

As many of us recall, with building of the new dam we lost any seaway shipping through Cornwall.

Cornwall at one time was proud to call itself the “Friendly Seaway City.” I believe this ended in the late 60s when the seaway system was diverted to the south side of Cornwall Island.

Over the years Cornwall has since had different slogans “Work. Live. Play.” for one.

And now we have a great new logo as displayed on the water tower behind Blessed Sacrament church on Tollgate Road that is proudly standing and telling those on the 401 that, yes, our city is in its footsteps for them to exit at McConnell Avenue.

And now, we have a great slogan “A City With A World Of Possibilities” of which we know economic development use at all times when promoting our city.

So therefore city council, start looking at the things staring at you. Think about changing the looks of the city flag.

Roland Besner