Cornwall recognizing Canada-Dutch relations through tulips

Cornwall community members plant the new Dutch-Friendship Tulip Garden at the Cenotaph to mark the 70th anniversary of Canada-Dutch relations during World War Two. Cornwall is one of 140 gardens being planted. (Photo/City of Cornwall)

CORNWALL – Something is blooming in the Seaway City that will have it share something in common with 139 of its municipal counterparts.

The city has received a tulip garden to commemorate the first gift of 100,000 Dutch tulip bulbs sent to Canada in 1945. It was a gift of thanks for the liberation of the Netherlands during World War Two.

The Cornwall & District Horticultural Society officially received the gift, which was planted this morning (Wednesday).

The 70th Anniversary Dutch-Canadian Friendship Tulip Garden, comprised of 700 red and white tulips, was planted at the Cenotaph on Veteran’s Walk on Second Street West.

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