SDSG Greens start door knocking

In this provided photo, Warren Brownlee delivers election signs by bicycle for the local Green Party candidate, Jeanie Warnock. (SDSG Greens via Newswatch Group)

SDSG – The Greens in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry say they’ve officially launched their canvassing and sign campaigns more than half way into the election cycle.

The announcement Friday comes almost three weeks into the five week campaign after Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced Canadians would be going to the polls Sept. 20 after meeting with the governor general on Aug. 15.

The local riding association announced its candidate Aug 22 – the first challenging party to do so in SDSG.

The local Greens note a lack of election signs from the Liberals or New Democrats saying the “absence of a serious ground campaign for most parties may be good for the Greens (but) it’s not good for democracy in the riding.”

In a news release Friday, candidate Jeanie Warnock says it’s important to have debate on the issues affecting constituents and she believes it may further dampen voter turnout come Election Day.

The Greens brought a familiar face to the riding this weekend for canvassing – former local NDP candidate Patrick Burger.