Letter to the Editor: Anti-maskers are being selfish, disrespectful

I am surprised that people still see this as an infringement on their personal liberties and think that mask-wearing should be a personal choice. Some even pay lip-service by wearing a mask but leaving their nose uncovered.

Masks have been scientifically proven to offer significant protection to other people (and also some to the wearer) and should be worn when social distancing cannot be guaranteed. I have no respect for anyone who is selfish enough to see this as an impingement of their freedom which is it to more significant than caring for the health of others. I am therefore totally in agreement with fines being instituted by the Province.

I assume these vast majority of these people who object to mask-wearing have also “sacrificed their personal freedoms” in other ways: look both ways when crossing the road, wear a seatbelt in their car, don’t condone drinking and driving stop at red lights etc etc. Our lives are based on such regulations and on respect for others and we take these precautions daily without a second thought.

When mask-objectors, or their friends or loved ones get COVID will they then expect medical staff to risk their lives in order to provide assistance? I don’t hear any off them saying they will refuse medical assistance! And how would they feel if they knew that they were responsible for the death of another person, perhaps even a family member?

The long term effects of this virus are not yet fully understood and may even have life-altering implications . Every week there are reports in scientific journals hinting that there may even be permanent damage to some peoples brains and other organs, even for the younger members of society. This virus is far from fully understood.


James Lewis

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