Summerstown home allowed second driveway on county road

SD&G council has given the okay for a homeowner on County Road 27 to build a second entrance to his property (red arrow) for a future garage. The owner is building a garage but couldn't connect to the existing driveway due to a septic bed at the front of the property. (Google Maps via Newswatch Group)

SUMMERSTOWN – A Summerstown homeowner, planning to add a garage on his property, will be allowed to have a second entrance on County Road 27.

Due to the layout of the property at 6829 County Road 27, the garage couldn’t connect to the existing driveway because there is a septic bed between them.

Despite staff saying it was against the county’s entrance bylaw, Coun. Steven Byvelds (South Dundas) said the county “has to be reasonable in our entrance policy” while liability does concern him.

Council waved the bylaw requirements. The owner will be responsible for all installation costs for the entrance and the culvert.

The stretch of road outside the home is straight with clear sight lines in both directions.

Coun. Lyle Warden (South Glengarry) added that both the township and county will benefit from increased property value which would “make up” for any increased liability.

The liability for the county is if a driver leaves County Road 27 and strikes the driveway culvert. It’s also the future maintenance and eventual replacement of the culvert.

The property owner is now going through a minor variance application process and securing approval to build.