Letter to the Editor: Some actions have been worse than coronavirus itself

I am writing this because of what I have seen in the last three to four months. To name a few: greed, meanness, selfishness and righteousness. Let us not forget snitches. These traits are worse than the coronavirus itself. Wear a mask or don’t wear a mask. Personally, I don’t agree with wearing a mask but this is my personal opinion. It does not make it right or wrong, but just an opinion. Open business or not to open. We have to remember Canada, is or was, a free democratic country with many freedoms, including freedom of choice, and that we should not lose. There has been more damage done to society than the coronavirus itself. Some damage can’t or will never be repaired.

When I worked in trauma in Ottawa, we never charged OHIP more when extra PPE was used. Maybe some businesses should have been more aware of cleanliness before the virus. Think wisely before criticizing your neighbour!

Barb Leroux