First Street ‘shatter’ fire will go to trial in 2020

In this April 2017, file photo, a Cornwall firefighter walks to the back of a house on First Street East after a basement fire and explosion. The accused in the fire will be going to trial in March 2020. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – The accused in a drug-related fire and explosion in the basement of a First Street East home in Cornwall two years ago will be going to trial in 2020.

Brandon Aubin, 26, is charged with two counts of arson and a single count each of mischief, production of cannabis resin, possession of a prohibited weapon (brass knuckles) and possession of marijuana.

Firefighters were called to a home on First Street East, between Lawrence Avenue and Baldwin Avenue, in early April 2017. The Ontario Fire Marshal would later determine that “volatile substances to extract cannabis resin from marijuana were ignited causing an explosion” – the process for creating “shatter.”

Aubin was arrested five days after the fire.

No one was hurt in the fire and explosion.

According to court records, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice has set aside three days for a trial in early March 2020. The court had canvassed dates in April and June of 2019 before the case was brought to assignment court in mid-June. It’s not clear whether any of the trial, evidence or testimony was heard on those dates.

This is not the first explosion, related to the designer drug, to come before Cornwall’s court. In March 2018, a judge handed down a six year prison sentence to a man for a shatter-related fire and explosion, which killed a fellow tenant on Carleton Street.