South Dundas spends OMPF windfall on Morrisburg docks

(Newswatch Group/File)

SD&G – South Dundas will be putting its extra Ontario transfer money towards putting new floating docks in the St. Lawrence River in Morrisburg.

As Cornwall Newswatch told you last week, South Dundas was one of the six municipalities that got a little extra Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund money from the provincial government – $64,000.

Mayor Steven Byvelds says his first impression was to “put it in the piggy bank” for a rainy day fund considering their working reserve fund is “a little low,” he told Newswatch.

But Byvelds says spending the money on the floating docks, east of the main dock, will be “dealing with a situation that needs to be fixed up.”

The mayor says the docks were purchased in the past in conjunction with the local Lion’s Club. “We as a council didn’t feel, and staff concurred, putting them back in would be a waste of time and money because they would get damaged quite quickly again. We have an opportunity to buy docks that work better and…are suited for the river in that area.”

South Dundas council decided last week to put the additional OMPF money toward the Morrisburg Dock and awarded the project to Kehoe Marine Construction.

CAO Shannon Geraghty says the net cost will be “a few hundred dollars” over the $64,000 while will be covered through the recreation budget.