Weekend thieves target vehicles around Cornwall’s Fourth and York

CORNWALL – Thieves were targeting vehicles in the Fourth and York Street area of Cornwall on Saturday night.

Cornwall Police Service spokesman Stephanie MacRae told Cornwall Newswatch there were two reports of thefts from vehicles in that neighbourhood.

“I can’t confirm (whether) either of the incidents are linked…but nonetheless as always we try to encourage residents to lock their vehicles and report any suspicious activity,” MacRae said.

One apparent victim told CNW their vehicle was entered in a fenced-in lot at the back of their property where thieves took $20, some pocket change and a debit card.

“When you’re going to bed at night, make a routine of locking your vehicle up, keeping those valuables out of plain sight, remove that temptation for any potential thieves out there,” MacRae suggested.

So far, police have no suspects and the investigation is ongoing.