Letter to the Editor: Council should have spent a day in CUPE workers’ shoes

Today (May 23), I participated in the CUPE rally. The purpose, of course, was to lend my support to all the unionized employees of the City of Cornwall. It appears our City runs a two-tier system. The mayor and council are the white coats, sitting in their chairs pushing their pencils. Our fine City employees are who actually run and maintain our City each and every day.

As I sit and ponder, I can imagine how this strike could have easily been averted? Well to begin, all of city council and you Mr. Mayor should have been put to work for at least one week, whether it be in Water Work, Public Work, etc. Actually know what your City employees do each and every day. Shame on each one of you that sit around the table. Remember you are all elected officials. Do you forget who voted you in? As the proud daughter of a former politician who sat on council for 25 years, I am ashamed, and perhaps let me quote my late father “behooved” as to what has been transpiring at city hall.

If I had to predict political careers, many of yours will be short-lived. Common sense must prevail. Sit down and listen please.

Annette Guindon