Seaway bridge piers gone by 2020; traffic light on Cornwall Island

In this April 2016, file photo, from the Federal Bridge Corporation, construction takes place at the north channel bridge. The corporation will be tendering the project to cut down the three in-water piers (in the red circle) to just above the water line. (Federal Bridge Corporation via Newswatch Group, File)

CORNWALL/AKWESASNE – The Federal Bridge Corporation will be looking for bidders to take down the three remaining in-water piers between Cornwall and Cornwall Island.

They are most of what’s left of the former north channel bridge, linking the city and the island.

A lookout has already been built and is open at the base of Pier 3s – the only remaining on-land pier – off the waterfront trail in Cornwall on the north shore of the river.

The agency announced Tuesday that the pier demolition project will be tendered later this year and cutting down the piers to a couple of meters above the water line should be done by 2020.

The piers won’t be taken out entirely due to environmental concerns, the FBC said.

Meantime, the Federal Bridge Corporation has been working with the Akwesasne government and the Seaway International Bridge Corporation to make improvements to the roadway and corridor across Cornwall Island.

That will include a new set of traffic lights at Akwesasne International Road and Island Road.

Construction is expected to start the middle of next month.

The pier and roads improvements are the final chapter in an $85 million federal government project to replace the north span of the Seaway International Bridge.