LTE: European countries shouldn’t be immigration dumping grounds

Dear Editor,

I am getting sick and tired of the thousands of immigrants being dumped onto European countries, Scandinavia and British Isles, or even Ireland.

They are running from threats within their own lands, but why the hell do they suck the life blood out of other places and stir up trouble there as well? This is wrong.

Therefore, I propose a change, including deportations.

I do not understand why another African country can not be utilized by the United Nations in setting up for immigrants there. It can become a whole new arrangement; a brand new country just for those needing a new start.  This European, Scandinavian and British only dumping ground, simply is not right. All these countries and most UN countries around the world should be responsible for relocating them in either Liberia or countries strong with their own culture and cults, in a new homeland as it were. To ‘dump’ them on Christian cultured countries that they only want to kill and change to their ways to their own is a wrong approach as it stresses both the original citizens and the new ones beyond coping. Make an entirely new land for them. Give them the food and shelter and training to look after themselves. Canada and the USA must begin to push for this.

Three or four corners of other African countries can come together to start this new place, new life location and build it up for them with jobs of infrastructure developments, security for themselves et cetera.

Can the world not come together for them?  Why in hell do we disrupt established cultures with the ingestion of totally unrelated politically, socially, languages and food differences only to begin civil war activities within? These people must learn to collaborate among themselves. Upstarts throughout Europe and beyond is simply wrong.

Dave Windsor

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