Cornwall police retrieve pawned wedding ring for elderly couple

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CORNWALL – “Our police force is the best!”

Those closing words from Coun. Andre Rivette to applause from his counterparts as he recounted a tale Monday night of a group of Cornwall police officers who helped an elderly couple.

Rivette says police were called Saturday to what they thought was a domestic dispute.

But it quickly turned into a case where a husband was struggling to care for his wife, who is suffering from dementia.

Cornwall Police Consts. Kim Norman and Cody Casselman also learned the man had pawned his wedding ring in order to get enough money to purchase some food and the home was barren of food.

Norman and Casselman took it upon themselves to help organize a collection from fellow officers and staff in the force – raising $150 to buy groceries and another $131 to buy back the pawned ring.

Also involved in the collection were Const. Michel Riel, Special Const. Donald Degray, Const. Casey MacGregor, Const. James Lemoyre, Sgt. Patrick Paquette, Acting Sgt. Daniel Doyon, Sgt. George Knezevic, as well as staff members Jody Sheard, Josee Lalonde, Dispatchers Claire Denis and Jenna Legault, and Inputter Tasha Marcotte.

“That goes to show you the police officers in the community. They have a heart and it’s important to realize this,” Rivette said.

Rivette suggested the officers should receive a commendation and the matter is likely to come up at Tuesday’s police board meeting at 1:30 p.m. at city hall.

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