South Stormont mayor focused on moving forward, growth

Mayor Jim Bancroft makes his inaugural address to roughly 120 people at the South Stormont council chambers on Dec. 3, 2014. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

LONG SAULT – South Stormont’s new mayor is looking to grow the township over the next four years under a relationship of mutual respect.

“It’s all about moving forward and new growth,” Jim Bancroft said in his inaugural address to roughly 120 people at the South Stormont municipal building Wednesday night.

He – along with Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart and councillors Donna Primeau, Richard Waldroff and David Smith – were sworn in to office.

“Each of us have different views and agendas. Agendas create ideas, dialogue and conversation. I encourage each of you to engage and network with each other regularly,” he told his council mates.

Bancroft said he read ideas of council members in local media reports and those ideas will generate positive debate.

On top of growth, the mayor also emphasized building in the community and addressing housing needs.

“We must engage the people who develop in our community,” he said, stressing that everything from condos to rental units will be needed to address the needs of an aging baby-boomer and growing senior population.

The mayor appeared to fence-mend some of the divisiveness and upheaval from the previous administration while encouraging his team as he laid out a plan for growth.

“The growth will be reflected on how council and staff deliver on all services in South Stormont. We must never lose sight and we must all be respectful…at all times,” Bancroft said.

A number of mayors and deputy mayors from Cornwall and SD&G were at the ceremony and wished the new council success.

Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy also spoke about mutual goals between the city and the townships in SD&G, stressing a closer relationship in the future.

A group of students from Longue Sault Public School also got to see municipal diplomacy in action. The students, taught by Sarah McCullough, had taken their own student vote preceding the Oct. 27 election.

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