Cornwall scores a top 10 of best Canadian communities

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – Cornwall has scored in the top 10 on a quality of life ranking of over 400 Canadian communities by MacLean’s Magazine.

The Seaway City was ranked eighth out of 415 communities across the country, getting accolades for its internet access, health care and community involvement as its three best features.

Internet scoring was based on performance tests of the network. Health was calculated on the number of doctors and medical specialists per capita and residents’ proximity to a hospital.

Community involvement was calculated on an Environics Analytics survey of how engaged residents are with their community.

For comparison, Ottawa ranked 36th, Brockville was 43rd and Kingston was 69th.

Halifax, N.S. was the top ranked city while Lac Ste. Anne County, Alta., northwest of Edmonton, was at the bottom.

You can see the full ranking by clicking here.

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