City of Cornwall worker caught berating shinny players in Facebook video; city investigating

A City of Cornwall worker chastises a group of youths at Reg Campbell Park in Cornwall, Ont. on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021 after a complaint about a hockey game at the rink. The city says it's investigating the worker's conduct. (Stephen Patrick/Facebook via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – A City of Cornwall official confirms the corporation is investigating after a city employee was caught berating hockey players at a local rink, which was partly taped and posted to Facebook.

“Good evening, I and other city officials have been made of aware of this video and can state that the City of Cornwall is investigating this matter,” Tommy Sauve, the city’s safety, training and operations supervisor, posted on Facebook Thursday.

In a 35-second video, posted by Stephen Patrick, and clips posted by Skyler Walker, the worker can been seen arguing with a group of youths. “I’m not lying, I’ll melt the f—ing ice out tonight,” the worker says.

One of the participants, Skyler Walker, posted that it started with a woman nearby who complained about the kids’ activity and hockey pucks landing outside the rink near younger children. “The second her husband steps out of the city car he feels the need to go on a power trip on us ‘kids,’” Walker wrote.

Walker added that he and the other youths were threatened with $750 fines “for even holding hockey sticks.”

City of Cornwall officials had called the Cornwall Police Service late Wednesday afternoon to a community outdoor rink at Reg Campbell Park about a gathering of hockey players.

While police were there, they found there was no violation of COVID-19 rules under the Reopening Ontario Act.

A city official has not returned a request for comment.