Nearly $1.2M second batch of COVID-19 recovery money for Cornwall, SD&G

SDSG MPP Jim McDonell. (MPP Office/File)

CORNWALL – Cornwall and SD&G municipal governments will be getting a combined total of nearly $1.2 million from the Ontario government’s Safe Restart Agreement funding.

Local MPP Jim McDonell and Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark announced the money today ($1,185,000) which is meant to “offset operating costs for critical services” and help municipalities avoid an operating deficit heading into 2021.

Here’s what each municipal government is getting:

  • Cornwall – $538,000
  • United Counties of SD&G – $353,000
  • South Glengarry – $72,000
  • South Stormont – $68,000
  • South Dundas – $60,000
  • North Dundas – $59,000
  • North Stormont – $35,000
  • North Glengarry – $35,000

The Safe Restart Agreement is a $4 billion federal-provincial program that is providing emergency funding to municipalities recovering from the economic effects of the pandemic.

This is the second rollout of money after the first allotment in August. Cornwall and SD&G got an overall total of nearly $7 million in the last batch of cash.

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