Rivettes save men from drowning at Belleville area beach

A former Cornwall couple, visiting Sandbanks Provincial Park for the first time as seen in this Google Maps photo, are credited with saving three men from drowning on Sunday, July 21, 2019. (Google Maps via Newswatch Group)

BELLEVILLE, Ont. – A former Cornwall couple were part of a group credited with saving three men from drowning at Sandbanks Provincial Park last weekend.

Danny and Kristy Rivette were on their first visit to the park since moving from Cornwall. They were in a group of four people when they saw two men in distress.

After the group pulled the two men to shore, they learned a third was still in the water somewhere.

Another member of the group did a sweep of the water and pulled a third man from under the water with no vital signs, according to the Belleville Intelligencer.

It happened on Sunday afternoon on West Lake at the Dunes on County Road 12.

Kristy performed CPR on the man with no vital signs and was able to restore his pulse and breathing, the paper reported.

The man was in a Belleville hospital in stable but guarded condition as of Wednesday afternoon.

The O.P.P. have commended the group for their lifesaving actions.