Cornwall police officer facing two disciplinary hearings

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A city police officer is facing allegations his actions have brought the Cornwall Police Service’s reputation or credibility into question.

Const. Kevin Wells has been charged in two separate cases under the Police Services Act.

In one case, he is facing 22 counts of discreditable conduct. A hearing by telephone was held yesterday and will be heard again on July 9.

In a separate case, he’s facing a further two counts of discreditable conduct, as well as three counts of neglect of duty and one count of deceit. That will be heard by phone on June 12.

In an interview with Cornwall Newswatch, Staff Sgt. Dan Maille with the professional standards department says what Wells is accused of doing in both cases has not been made public.

“At this point, it has not been disclosed in the hearing, so I cannot disclose anything else than what has been disclosed in the hearing. The nature of the allegations have not been released yet,” Maille said.

A charge of discreditable conduct is lodged against type of action that would affect the credibility or reputation of the police force, such as not treating people in identifiable groups equally, swearing, suppressing police reports or making a false complaint.

Deceit is making a false statement or record or destroying or altering records.

These charges are disciplinary action and not a criminal charge. Maille told Newswatch there are no related criminal charges connected to either of these cases. “Nothing criminal. It’s all discipline based.”