Extra work for urban Headline Road

A transport truck approaches a stop at Highway 138 along an urban section of County Road 44 (Headline Road) on Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2018. The United Counties of SD&G and Cornwall Gravel have reached a deal to beef up the road through the urban area so the company can run fully loaded trucks during the spring half-load season. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

SOUTH STORMONT – A small section of Headline Road (County Road 44) will be getting some additional treatment when its repaved this year.

But the money will not be coming from county taxpayers – it will be from a private company.

The county inked an agreement last week with Cornwall Gravel to do additional paving work on a section of Headline Road from Highway 138 through an urban settlement area to the company’s quarry entrance near County Road 42.

The last time that section was paved was 2011.

After leaving it off the county roads budget, council added $214,000 for basic resurfacing at its April meeting. That means all of County Road 44 will be resurfaced this year. Cornwall Gravel has been the contractor doing the work.

But a section getting additional treatment by the company – out of its own pocket – will result in 80 millimeters of hot mix asphalt through the urban area in order to remove spring load restrictions. The county will be doing minor curb repairs, catch basin and manhole adjustment, as well as new frames and covers, through the agreement.

Not only will homeowners along Headline Road get better blacktop, they should see fewer trucks passing outside their door. With the road upgrade, the section of road won’t be subject to spring half load restrictions, meaning Cornwall Gravel trucks will be able to carry more cargo and make fewer trips.

The county estimates Cornwall Gravel’s investment is $180,000.

The work should be completed before winter. The county will remove the spring half load restrictions once the work is complete.