Farm Boy recalls salad dressings, salads

OTTAWA – A grocery store, founded in Cornwall, is recalling a number of its name brand salad dressings and packaged salads because there may be ingredients not listed on the package.

The grocery chain says it was notified by the supplier about the issue.

The voluntary recall, issued yesterday (June 19), covers 11 different Farm Boy Dressings and a half dozen packaged salads because they may contain sulphites, soy, wheat, salt or potassium sorbate, not listed on the label.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has also been notified and the product has been removed from store shelves, Farm Boy said.

No reactions have been reported so far and an investigation is underway. Customers can return their dressings and salads to the store for a full refund, the store said.

Click here for a list of the dressings, salads, and their UPC numbers.