Hiring ‘mild’ for Cornwall summer, Manpower says

CORNWALL – While summer may be hot temperature-wise, the same can’t be said for the prospects of finding a job.

Manpower is out with its Employment Outlook Survey for the months of July through September and its forecast is for a “mild” hiring climate.

In a survey of an undisclosed number of local businesses, 6 per cent plan to hire, none are cutting back, 90 per cent were keeping their staffing levels as is and 4 per cent were unsure.

The net employment outlook for Cornwall is 5 per cent, which is a 1 per cent decrease from the last quarter, but up 1 per cent compared to the same period in July-September 2017.

“Even though prospects are weaker in six of ten industry sectors compared to last quarter, we’re still seeing a positive hiring climate for most of the country,” Manpower spokesman Darlene Minatel said.

Across Canada, Manpower is expecting a “steady hiring pace” to continue. The net employment outlook is 13 per cent. That’s down 1 per cent from the last quarter but 4 per cent higher than July-September 2017.