Natural gas for Cornwall Island

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL ISLAND – Residents on Cornwall Island will be able to tap into natural gas in the future.

The province has announced $3,447,000 to build a natural gas transfer station and a pipeline system to connect homes and businesses on the island, commonly known as Akwesasne.

While specific numbers were not released, the entire project announced on Tuesday is expected to connect 11,300 homes and businesses in 11 different municipalities, including six First Nations.

The $3.4 million grant is subject to the Ontario Energy Board giving approval to construct the system on the island, south of Cornwall.

The Natural Gas Grant Program started in 2017 and provides $100 million to support projects increasing access to natural gas, which is expected to significantly lower heating costs.

The government estimates the move will save an average family about $1,100 a year for heat.

No timeline was shared regarding when the natural gas would be online.

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