Cornwall traffic stop serves as lesson for drivers

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

CORNWALL – A dramatic traffic stop Monday night turned out to be nothing more than a driver forgetting to turn on their headlights.

But Cornwall police say is serves as a lesson on why you should pull over and stop for emergency vehicles.

Witness Jacob Dubois told Cornwall Newswatch at least three cruisers were involved in stopping a vehicle around 6:45 p.m Monday (Jan. 16). It started on Ninth Street, headed up Brookdale Avenue and along Eleventh Street before ending near Pitt Street.

Dubois said the vehicle was boxed in when police finally got the person to stop.

Const. Dan Cloutier told CNW he wouldn’t characterize the case as a pursuit but rather a driver that just “kept going” oblivious to the flashing lights behind them.

The driver was given a ticket for driving without proper headlights. While vehicles in Ontario have daytime running lights, some models have no functioning taillights and marker lights when the vehicle is in daytime running light mode.

Cloutier said this case serves as a reminder that people should pull over and stop when an emergency vehicle is in their area with emergency lights on.