Dundas County Food Bank changes name over mass ‘confusion’

The new logo for Community Food Share, formally known as the Dundas County Food Bank. The board overseeing the food bank changed the name this month over mass confusion, considering the agency serves Stormont County. (Community Food Share via Newswatch Group)

MORRISBURG – More work in North Stormont had led to more confusion among the public, according to members of the Dundas County Food Bank.

That’s why they are changing their name to Community Food Share, effective immediately.

“The confusion over the name had really become apparent when we worked with North Stormont Township to help organize the CP Holiday Train stop in Finch in November 2015 and when we opened the Finch Food Cupboard earlier this year. The clients we serve and the people who support our work reach beyond Dundas County,” said board chairman Terry Triskle.

The board decided on a name which dealt less with its geographic location and more about its mandate.

Administrator Ian McKelvie says it also allows them to expand to other community projects beyond a food bank.

The former Dundas County Food Bank has been around since the early 1990s.