New Highway 401 signs for South Dundas

In this Aug. 8, 2016 photo provided by South Dundas, a new regional boundary sign has been installed along Highway 401. It's one of four signs put up along the Macdonald-Cartier Freeway. (South Dundas via Newswatch Group)

SOUTH DUNDAS – With six million vehicles passing the township every year, South Dundas is looking to make itself noticed to the travelling public.

The municipality has had four new signs installed on Highway 401 – two marking the villages of Iroquois and Morrisburg and two enhanced boundary signs.

The boundary signs mark the boundary of the township and help to identify it as a more prominent regional municipality.

According to the township, its the first municipality between Cornwall and Brockville to put in enhanced boundary signs.

South Dundas plans to add some decorative shrubs and beautification to the village signs in the future.