Firefighter emergency call-in system will go to mass text: city

(Newswatch Group/File)

CORNWALL – Emergency dispatchers will be going to a mass text system for bringing in off-duty firefighters at times where resources are taxed.

The move comes after recent criticism over how events transpired during the May 26, 2016 fire at the Ontario Hockey Academy, which resulted in Cornwall calling in firefighters from South Stormont under mutual aid.

“We’ve addressed the procedure surrounding callback as well as the priority in terms of who will get the call to come in during an emergency,” Fire Chief Pierre Voisine said.

Instead of dispatchers getting on the phone to make individual calls, the fire department is buying software which will allow those dispatchers to send out a mass text to all off-duty firefighters.

The fire department admits it will take some time to work out some of the kinks, but the system should be in place within a few days.