Smoke, CO detector donation to South Stormont fire department

Receiving 33 combination smoke/CO detectors are, from left, South Stormont Mayor Jim Bancroft; Art Pullan, Executive Director Ontario Fire Marshal's Council; South Stormont Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau; Chris Doig, utility service representative for Union Gas. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

LONG SAULT – South Stormont Fire and Rescue has received some help in making sure residents’ homes are safe against fire and carbon monoxide.

Members of Union Gas and the Ontario Fire Marshal’s Council made a formal presentation Monday afternoon of 33 combination smoke alarm/carbon monoxide detectors at the South Stormont township office in Long Sault.

The gas company has provided $15,000 for the units, which were given out province-wide to 15 fire departments. South Stormont was the only SD&G township to receive them.

South Stormont Fire Chief Gilles Crepeau told Cornwall Newswatch the units will help with their Home Safe Home Program.

“We’ve been getting quite a few calls on the Home Safe Home Program,” Crepeau said, “or we go to an incident that, common sense prevails and they don’t have a CO alarm or smoke detector, we install one…we don’t leave without them have one of these,” the chief said, holding one of the donated alarms.

“This donation has been huge because they are (the combination alarms) a little bit more expensive now than smoke detectors,” Crepeau said. “It’s a great asset for us and a great donation.”

As of April 15, 2015 all residences have to have working smoke alarms and CO detectors on every level of their home and of October 15, 2015 all apartment buildings had to comply.

The chief believes “the message is getting across” in South Stormont to have the alarms in place, especially with CO Awareness Week coming up the first week of November.

The Home Safe Home Program allows residents to have their home inspected by South Stormont Fire an Rescue for free, in order to identify hazards and to make sure all alarms are working properly.

To participate, call Crepeau 613-534-8889 extension 250.

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