South Dundas to divvy up surplus…sort of

The South Dundas Municipal Center in Morrisburg, Ont. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SOUTH DUNDAS – The municipal council here is expected to split up its $388,602 surplus from 2014 and put it toward some reserve funds and capital projects.

Acting on a recommendation last week from the committee of the whole, councillors tonight will put the money toward six areas for a total of $330,000.

There will be $50,000 transfers each to the winter control, fleet replacement and landfill reserve funds ($150,000 total).

As for capital, $80,000 will be going to purchase the Morrisburg Registry office, which the United Counties unloaded earlier this year.

Another $50,000 will go to a recreation master plan and the final $50,000 will be used for a heating and cooling system at Matilda Hall.

The $388,602 surplus has been sitting in a general reserve fund.

But instead of spending the surplus money directly, council will perform somewhat of a money-shuffle with a quarter million dollars sitting in the bank that’s not allocated for any specific capital projects.

Staff are recommending that $223,630 be used first with the balance of the $330,000 in allocations and capital works taken from the surplus (roughly $106,370).

The remainder ($282,232) would be put in the bank for future use at the discretion of council.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. tonight (Tuesday). Follow the meeting on Twitter @cwlnewswatch.

Editor’s Note: The motion passed Tuesday night with little discussion. Acting CAO Shannon Geraghty explained that the money shuffle was done this way to simplify accounting practices for the township.

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