Bye bye Crysler stop sign; hello speed limit change

County Engineer Ben de Haan. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

CRYSLER – There’s a mostly-welcomed change coming to drivers in North Stormont, who travel through Crysler.

County council agreed Monday to change the three-way stop at County Roads 12 (Bridge Street) and 13 (Charles Street) on the north side of the South Nation River bridge.

In its report to council, County Engineer Ben de Haan said its received multiple requests to change the layout to a four-way stop since the intersection was set up in 1984.

Right now, the only traffic that doesn’t have to stop in northbound on County Road 12 (Bridge Street), which has led to a number of near-misses between motorists, thinking it’s an all-way stop.

Given the improvement to development the area in the last 31 years, council decided to remove the stop sign for southbound traffic on County Road 12.

“I’m just glad that it’ll be gone (the stop sign),” Coun. Tammy Hart said, noting the frustration with the intersection while travelling through the area to visit relatives.

In addition to the removal of the stop sign, there will be a new step-down speed zone of 60 kilometers an hour added for southbound County Road 12 traffic just before the 50 kilometer an hour zone.

The lead-ups to the intersection will be signed to indicate that northbound and southbound traffic doesn’t stop.

According to county figures, roughly 1,800 vehicles travel the section of County Road 12 daily.

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