Chance to try out fitness programs in South Dundas

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SOUTH DUNDAS – Residents in the municipality will get a chance to try out various fitness programs starting Tuesday (April 7).

The Sport & Fitness Trial Week highlights the release of the South Dundas 360 degree Community Guide.

Some of those programs to try out include boot camp training and yoga and are available in various locations including the Iroquois Civic Center, Matilda Hall and the George Jowett Memorial Hall.

The guide, which was scheduled to be released this week, has information on other recreational activities, municipal and community services, garbage and recycling, building and permits, and farmers’ markets.

The 360 guide is available at the Morrisburg Arena, South Dundas Municipal Center, Whitteker Meat Market, Brinston General Store, Iroquois Civic Center, Iroquois Post Office and the SDG County Library.

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