New garbage rule catches hundreds of mattresses

Mattresses stored at the Cornwall landfill site. As of Nov. 3, 2014 over 700 mattresses have been saved from going in the landfill through a new curbside collection ban. (City of Cornwall)

CORNWALL – Here’s something to sleep on.

The City of Cornwall has collected and shipped 730 mattresses for recycling since a ban on curbside collection went into effect on Aug. 1.

The mattresses weigh 18.6 metric tons and could have taken up 581 cubic meters of space at the city landfill.

They also pose a hazard for landfill maintenance.

Almost all the material in the bedding material is recyclable, which is being done by a third party.

The city has also collected $7,300 in revenue through the $10 tipping fee for each mattress, though it’s unclear if the revenue was budgeted for in this year’s fiscal outlook.

The mattress collection is the latest chapter in the city’s Solid Waste Management Master Plan, launched in March, 2011.

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