Cornwall worker makes McHappy Day extra special

The McDonald's restaurant inside Walmart on Ninth Street West in Cornwall, Ont. on Saturday, May 11, 2024. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – A shift manager at the Cornwall McDonald’s restaurant in Walmart decided to make McHappy Day extra special for local school kids and a retirement home.

After preparing the night before for the Thursday (May 8) event, Renee Rozon discovered that morning the company had released $3 fundraising coupon books for free food and drink items.

“With only $54 to her name she immediately bought 10 books ($30 worth) and decided to get ‘McHappy’ dressed and head over to her nephew’s school, Sacred Heart, to give him and his classmates the free donuts and free fries coupons,” recalls her mother, Joanne Ricard.

With some leftover coupons from her school visit, Renee went to Valley Garden Cornwall Retirement Center on Lisieux Street after getting some extra coupon books with some financial help from her mom.

After visiting the retirement home, “she had the brightest smile as she walked into work for her shift,” Joanne said.

“I was so proud of her, as I always am…Renee often does kind things for people and never expects to receive more than that feeling of joy you get inside from seeing people happy,” she said.

The yearly fundraising day supports Ronald McDonald House and local charities, which helps local residents like the MacLennan family.

They spent a total of 274 days at Ronald McDonald House in Ottawa as one daughter was treated for a kind of bone cancer while the other was treated for a rare inflammatory skin condition.

Ronald McDonald House in Ottawa plans to expand next year from 14 to 26 bedrooms for families needing a place to stay while children receive medical treatment.