Cornwall woman turns $100 into $100,000

Gail Gagnon of Cornwall, Ont. poses with a cheque at the OLG headquarters in Toronto. (OLG via Newswatch Group)

CORNWALL – A Cornwall woman definitely got a return on her investment.

Gail Gagnon bought a $100 Instant Ultimate scratch ticket and ended up winning $100,000.

“My partner saw the blank stare on my face and asked if everything was okay. I said, ‘Come look at this – I think I just won,’” Gagnon told Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation officials in Toronto.

Before hitting OLG headquarters, she visited her son, who lives in Toronto, and he had champagne ready to celebrate. “It was the sweetest thing ever. This whole experience has been truly magical.”

The 69-year-old retiree plans to save her winnings and is “considering future travel.”