Email to the Editor: Thanks to Cornwall police for handling unlawful use of trespass law

Thank you Cornwall Police Service!

I had done a presentation to Ottawa Police Services Board in April regarding misuse of the Trespass to Property Act in April 2023.

My case law research was forwarded to their legal team. In July, I received a letter from the Deputy Chief that the police training was being updated to align with our court’s interpretation and administration of the TPA.

After the same presentation to Cornwall police, Cornwall asked, received and implemented the new Ottawa TPA training.

Yesterday (Dec. 21), two family members that were unlawfully trespassed, by a Cornwall long term care facility, were restored their visiting rights to see their mother.

The unlawful trespass was at the insistence of the power of attorney for the mother. The acts which govern POA duties does not provide authority to the POA to issue any visitation restrictions of their grantor.

This time of year is especially hard for me as I recall what it was like when the home my mother was in unlawfully trespassed me and other family members from our loved ones at Christmas. I have heard from others trespassed from the same home since my 2018 trespass. It is unlawful and must be corrected.

For the love of seniors and disabled, ask your police services to implement updated TPA training which supports Motion 129 Voula’s Law.

Maria Sardelis

Editor’s note: Voula’s Law Motion 129 is named for Voula Sardelis, Maria’s mother. In 2021, the Ontario legislature passed Motion 129 to end the misuse of no-trespass orders in order to keep loved ones away from family members in care homes. It passed unanimously.