Email to the Editor: Once it’s gone, it’s gone

Kyle Bergeron hit the nail right on the head. I was also at the town hall meeting as part of the group which passed on a petition (475 signatures) to Council against the decimation of the historic Athletic Grounds. I personally spoke to 198 people and of those, only 3 were in favour of building housing on the site. The 195 who signed for me were supportive of a youth center, and with keeping the football field in place.

As for the “plant”, that was pretty obvious to all the people who filled the council chamber. He was definitely brought in to push the agenda of certain councillors. I spoke to some people from Toronto at Saturday’s football game. They were quite impressed with the field, neighbourhood, and the fact that it is located right across the street from the majestic Cornwall Armouries. I just wonder what the reaction would have been had one of them spoken at the town hall meeting.

One phrase I heard over and over again while door knocking was “Once it’s gone, it’s gone”. Remember the canal? Remember Horovitz Park? Remember the Capitol Theatre? Remember the Cornwallis Hotel, and remember our Post office.

This is what is going to happen to the Athletic Grounds if council goes ahead with the building of housing on that site.

I do have a great deal of faith in our Mayor and most of City Council. I hope they will listen to what we have said and make the right decision. The people have spoken.

John Leroux