Extreme cold, snow squall warnings for SD&G

SD&G – Some snowy, bitterly cold weather in in store for Cornwall and SD&G over the next couple of days.

Environment Canada has issued a snow squall warning and an extreme cold warning for the region.

Some brief but intense snowfall is expected tonight (Thursday) and with the wind gusting to 60 kilometers an hour, it could cause sudden whiteouts on the roads.

An arctic cold front is moving into the area and temperatures will plummet tonight with very cold wind chill values.

Wind chill tonight and Friday will head into dangerous territory, making it feel like minus 40 to minus 45.

“Frostbite can develop within minutes on exposed skin, especially with wind chill,” the weather agency said.

It also advises you not to leave pets outside.

The forecast calls for a low of minus 28 tonight, a high of minus 24 Friday and a low of minus 31 Friday night.

Saturday will bring a high of minus 13 and a low of minus 12 before the temperature pops up to plus 2 on Sunday.