Cornwall, South Stormont suspend snow clearing time limits

In this January 2021, file photo, a truck sprays anti-icing agent on the westbound lanes of Highway 401 near Long Sault, Ont. (Newswatch Group/BIll Kingston, File)

CORNWALL/SOUTH STORMONT – Both the City of Cornwall and the Township of South Stormont have suspended time limits for clearing snow.

A winter storm warning is in effect as the region deals with a wintry blast of rain, freezing rain, snow and ice pellets. There’s also the potential for a flash freeze this afternoon.

This is the second time the City of Cornwall has declared a “significant weather event” and suspended snow clearing rules after doing it for last week’s storm.

South Stormont made the same declaration around 11:30 a.m. Friday.

Both municipalities are urging people not to travel unless it’s absolutely necessary.

For Cornwall, normal snow clearing limits are 6 hours for 5 or more centimeters of snow on a main road, 16 hours for 8 or more centimeters on a collector road and 48 hours after the storm stops for sidewalks.