Email to the Editor: Public supports fair and free bargaining for CUPE workers

It is with respect and gratitude that I commend the CUPE’s education workers’ courage and commitment to standing up for their rights over the past week. When they have what they need to protect and promote their health, they can contribute to a healthier workplace and positive learning environment for our students.

Our health and well-being are influenced by many factors. Lack of money is a root cause of poor health. Workers should expect increases in wages over their work life. It is wage increases and not tax credits that create financial stability and protect health. All workers (union and non-union) need support for wage increases. All people unable to work need income assistance that lets them afford their basic needs.

The public overwhelmingly supports CUPE education workers obtaining a fairly and freely negotiated collective agreement. And we the public must continue to support paying others more than what they need to merely survive and enough to be able to thrive as vital contributing members of our community.

Tanis Brown
President, SDSG NDP Riding Association