Your SD&G road being paved? County approves $8.9M in paving for 2022

A section of County Road 43 from County Road 2 to County Road 31 is among several sections of county road to be paved in 2022. County council approving the nearly $9 million in paving contracts at its meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2022. (Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SD&G – At least nine sections of county roads will be paved this year as part of the United Counties of SD&G road rehabilitation plan.

County council approved the work at its meeting this morning (Tuesday).

Here are the road sections being paved:

  • County Road 1 – from County Road 40 to Irena Road
  • County Road 2 – from east of Purcell Road to east of Orchard Road
  • County Road 2 – west of Pilon Point Road to west of the Raisin River bridge
  • County Road 3 – from Leeds-Grenville boundary to County Road 1
  • County Road 12 – from Newington to County Road 14
  • County Road 16 – from Highway 401 to south of County Road 18
  • County Road 25 – from County Road 20 to Chapel Side Road
  • County Road 25 – from east of Second Line Road to County Road 23
  • County Road 43 – from County Road 2 to County Road 31

There are two sections of County Road 7 on the list (from east limit of Elma to Froats Road and County Road 8 to County Road 43) left out of this tender but are expected to be included in a tender to be discussed next Monday (Feb. 28) for so-called “now needs roads.”

The two paving tenders approved this morning are a little less than $8.9 million.

All the work this year is expected to collectively come in under budget with an estimated total of just over $10.7 million compared to the $11.1 million budgeted this year. The estimate is due to the contract for “now needs roads” not being awarded.

Cornwall Gravel won the main hot mix paving contract at $5.3 million. That is $3.8 million for the United Counties work and South Stormont joined the tender for $433,000 for work on its own roads.

The cold asphalt milling and paving contract went to Roto Mill Inc. of Orangeville, Ont. at just over $3.5 million.

There were two bidders for each of the contracts.

“At the end of the day, we are estimating a surplus of about $365,000 based on a combination of all of the planned work for this year. Unit rates were right where we were budgeting them this year … good competitive pricing,” Transportation Director Ben de Haan told council.

De Haan noted that the county has worked before with both contractors.

Asked by Coun. Bryan McGillis (South Stormont) whether other lower-tier municipalities could be included in bidding, de Haan says South Stormont was the only municipality with its road work plan ready to go when the county did its first tender. De Haan says others can be included in the “now needs roads” hot mix tender.

“You got us a good number there,” Warden Carma Williams remarked.

The county spends nearly half its yearly budget on transportation services, which includes roads, bridges and culverts.