Email to the Editor: Netflix movie depicts battle involving SD&G Highlanders

Netflix’s recent release of “The Forgotten Battle,” the battle of the Scheldt Estuary, relates directly to Cornwall’s history, as 35 members of the SD&G Highlanders were killed during this month long conflict. Along with this loss of life, the Highlanders captured at least 550 German prisoners. The victory was significant as it resulted in access to the Port of Antwerp, which allowed the Allies to provision their march across the Rhine.

While the the film is a composite depiction of the battle, and the Highlanders are not specifically mentioned, the Canadian contribution to the victory is front and centre and visual description of the horrific odds the Canadians and Highlanders faced makes it, to my mind, essential viewing to anyone who wants to start to understand the conditions the volunteer Canadians army faced during World War II.

Ian Bowering