Glen Walter ratepayers could face steep bill for $44.7M water system upgrade: report

(Newswatch Group/File)

GLEN WALTER – A study suggests South Glengarry property owners in Glen Walter may have to pay up to $1,716 a year for 30 years to upgrade the water system and prepare for the future growth.

The findings are in a report to be presented to township council Tuesday (Sept. 7) from EVB Engineering on the future water and sewer servicing plan for the Glen Walter area.

Glen Walter has been hamstrung when it comes to development because there hasn’t been enough capacity in the system to meet demand. Right now, no additional connections can happen.

The consultants are recommending $44.7 million in upgrades, which include a $17 million water treatment plant expansion, a $18.5 sewage treatment plant expansion and upgrades to water mains and sewers.

The plant upgrades don’t include buying land because EVB says there isn’t enough space to expand both the water and sewage plants on the existing site.

The $1,716 yearly bill is based on 3 per cent growth and a cost of $36,790 per lot over 30 years at 2.32 per cent interest on a 30-year debenture (unsecured loan).

The township is hoping to get senior government funding. “The Township is seeking funding for the water tower and some water main expansion ($5M) which could receive 80 per cent funding. The Township will continue to lobby for 66 per cent or more funding for the remainder of the project costs,” the report reads.

If the municipality were successful on all counts, that could bring that cost down to about $582 per year.

EVB Engineering and the township are planning a public open house in the future before signing off on the servicing plan.

Tuesday’s meeting starts at 7 p.m.