Morrisburg under boil water advisory

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

Update 1 p.m. Tuesday: The boil water advisory has been lifted for Morrisburg. The municipality says test results show the water is okay to drink.

MORRISBURG – Residents on Morrisburg’s municipal water system are being told to boil their water before using it until further notice after the system lost pressure.

Speaking with Cornwall Newswatch, South Dundas CAO Shannon Geraghty says the computer system that controls the water system suddenly stopped working overnight.

“Our SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system, which talks to all the plants, basically just went totally offline, just went blank. Everything stopped, the pumps weren’t working. We’ve got the work being done at the Morrisburg tower so our tower’s empty. Staff had to come in quickly and get it up and running manually so that’s why there was that low pressure,” Geraghty said.

The boil water advisory is a precautionary measure.

Geraghty says they are awaiting test results, which will likely come in tomorrow (Tuesday), before lifting the advisory.