Over $20M investment by three Dundas County companies

(Newswatch Group/File)

IROQUOIS – Three Dundas County companies are spending just over $20 million to expand their operations and add local jobs.

The Ontario government announced nearly $3 million this month to help them do it.

Three quarters of it ($15 million) is an expansion by Ross Video in Iroquois with its 55,000 square foot facility, which will add 30 new jobs and retain 215 at the facility. The Eastern Ontario Development Fund is chipping in $2.25 million for the broadcast equipment manufacturer.

Soybean processor Sevita International Corporation near Inkerman is spending $3.6 million to build a new processing facility. There’s a half million dollars from the Eastern Ontario Development Fund (EODF) for that project. The expansion will add seven jobs and retain 28.

The final business is Winchester metal fabricator Fortier Stark Industrial which will add a facility and equipment, doubling its workforce to 10. The EODF added $225,000 to the company’s $1.5 million spend.