Email to the Editor: In wonderment of essential vs. non-essential

In time of lockdown, I have seen many things that make me wonder. I would appreciate if a person could answer me.

Why is it that I have to go to a grocery store to pick up an item while Dollarama has the same item at a cheaper price but is unable to sell it to me? For example: muffins, paper cups, coffee filters etc. I could name more than those items.

How is a person supposed to buy shoes without trying them on? Oh, I forgot those are not essential.

Why is it a pharmacy will sell you a non-essential item only if you spend x dollars amount? There are a lot of us who have gained weight during the last 1.5 years and we need summer clothes. Not everyone has a credit card to buy online, so what do we do?

I am not asking people to break the rules but I am asking the government to think about the word “essential” and “non-essential” as it applies to everyday life.

Lorraine Loda
Long Sault