Email to the Editor: Let them play golf

I recently read (May 11, 2021 Cornwall Standard-Freeholder) data obtained from Goggle’s mobile phone data that people are spending 71% more time in parks. Reportedly, Middlesex County Park use is up 94%, Halton Park up by 139% with York Region reporting 145% increase and Simcoe County up 150%. Why has the Ontario government deemed golf to be any more unsafe than that of public parks? Golf courses offer more acreage per person than any public park. In addition, golf courses are constructed on more land than most city parks which in turn offers much more opportunity for self distancing than walking, biking or just sitting in a public park.

Those wishing to play golf must have a tee time and are spaced out in groups of four every 10 minutes or more. In addition, player assistance (course marshals) patrol the course ensuring those playing are adhering to safe protocols that have been implemented by golf course operators. Golfers arriving at the golf course early are told to wait in their vehicles until their tee time has arrived and reminded that after their round to proceed directly to the vehicle and leave the premises.

How can golf be any more unsafe than heading to the local overcrowded park? Let them play. Open golf sooner than later.

Rory L. MacLennan
Summerheights Golf Links

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