MPP McDonell tests positive for COVID-19

Local MPP Jim McDonell speaks to United Counties of SD&G council on Wednesday, April 22, 2021. McDonell has tested positive for COVID-19 he announced on Friday, April 30, 2021. (YouTube/SD&G via Newswatch Group)

SDSG – Local MPP Jim McDonell has tested positive for COVID-19.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, McDonell says he thought he had a common cold but, following public health advice, made an appointment to get a test.

That test came back positive.

“I am unsure of where I may have contracted the virus. My symptoms are very mild, and I can attribute this to the recent vaccination I had received,” he said.

McDonell notes he received the Pfizer shot less than two weeks ago — not enough time to develop maximum protection but possibly enough to avoid serious illness.

The health unit is doing contact tracing of the MPP while he is under quarantine at home.

“I share my experience as a caution to the more contagious variants and to the need to follow public health guidelines.”

Local reaction from MP Eric Duncan: