Email to the Editor: Nobody is dying in the streets from coronavirus in Mexico

We are in Mexico at our winter home where we have spent six months of the year for over ten years.

We are not allowed back into our home country because we have decided to avoid the cold and wintry weather which has adverse effects on our health. In the area we live here, the Covid restrictions have been eased so that almost everything is back to normal. Some places still require masks, but that is about all.

Yes, Mexico had a surge of the virus, but they decided to ride it out and the cases have dropped and it looks like we have “herd immunity” as most of the population has been in contact with the virus and developed some immunity to it.

The country is restoring its economy and people are working and playing as they enjoy life again. There are no people dying in the streets, “as the press would have you believe!”

Meanwhile in Ontario (and most of Canada), you are locking people up and ruining the economy and is it working? No! The government won’t let us back to our homes because 1% of new cases come from people entering the country. Does this make any sense?

I have my own ideas as to why they are making these foolish mistakes, but we’ll leave that for another time!

Dan Osborne
Cornwall (currently on the Bay of Christmas [Barra de Navidad], Jalisco, Mexico)
Live well, love much, laugh often.

Editor’s note: Though it may be perceived by Dan that he’s not allowed back home, Canadians can repatriate subject to quarantine and COVID-19 testing.