‘We moved too fast’: Ford apologizes for quickly-reversed enforcement measures

Ontario Premier Doug Ford speaks during a virtual news conference on Thursday, April 22, 2021. Ford has apologized for the sudden lockdown measures introduced last weekend that were quickly reversed. (Zoom/Premier's Office via Newswatch Group)

ETOBICOKE – Ontario Premier Doug Ford has apologized for the swift measures introduced last weekend involving police and playgrounds that were quickly reversed Saturday.

“I’m sorry we acted too quick (sic) on the measures,” Ford said during an outdoor Zoom news conference in Etobicoke where the premier is isolating after coming into close contact with a staff member who tested positive.

The premier says he “made a mistake” when he introduced sweeping police powers that allowed officers to arbitrarily stop people to ask them where they were going and where they live.

The measure was quickly rebuked my many Ontario forces, including Gananoque, Brockville and Cornwall.

Ford was very emotional during the news conference, his voice breaking and taking a moment for two large gulps of water from a glass near the lectern.

After this week’s federal budget, Ford says they are moving on a paid sick days program that would be “bridging the gap of the federal government.”

No date was shared on when that program would be coming.